A day at the beach.

Summer is officially starting to wind down, and with football season in full swing--the idea that school is starting soon is finally starting to sink in. I always get a little sad knowing that I don't get to go back to campus. But I'm thankful I'm done and remember to count my blessings.

Last Monday, Geoff had the day off and I was getting done with work early so we decided to head out to the coast. We missed the last of the sunny days at the beach but the weather was still absolutely perfect! Not hot, not cold. Slightly overcast and NO wind. We did a little shopping and shared some fish and chips and then settled into the sand for an hour or so. It was wonderful. Heckled a few seagulls and played a few card games. It's so nice to hear the sound of the ocean. We are so lucky to have it so close. Here are a few shots from our day trip.

*sorry about a blogless football season. I'll work on it but it's not my favorite thing to blog about. Maybe when we get our first win :) However my fiend Kelly did get this great shot at the Wisconsin game. Until next time, Go Beavs.

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mike garner said...

Beach in the fall is the best. Not enough sun to burn you, not very many beach-goers to get in the way of spectacular views and the smells seem to be better.