If your ever find yourself at the airport on an 8 hour delay here are some things that can happen:

1. The airlines will repeatedly lie to you. however, they will say it in an upbeat tone of voice so it sounds like your receiving good news....but really all hope is lost.

2. They will give you warm sodas and cold pizza.

3. After 4 hours people will start to break and yell their frustrations in the middle of the airport. And someone WILL tell you to chill out.

4. You might become BFF's with an old couple who will repeatedly tell you "better safe than sorry!"

5. Someone will fall asleep and snore so loudly that you and everyone else must listen to music to drown them out.

6. They will give you a $25 voucher which will TOTALLY make up for the wait and leave me feeling completely satisfied.

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Shellene said...

ugggg...bad dream! if you had known you could have gone home and slept and gone back. one of the worst things is how helpless you are to the whole mess and they don't seem to give a flip. sorry things got off to such a bad start. and a $25 voucher!!! woo hoo! you can use that to buy, say, 2 sodas on a trip. splurge...ask for the whole can!