Wild Cherry!

Sometimes there comes a point in your life when its time to throw out the old and bring in the new. 
Sometimes you might have a washer that only works on the hot water setting.
Sometimes you might have a dryer that takes three runs to actually dry your clothes.
Sometimes it might even leave rust stains on your clothes too.

And unfortuantly these sometimes are all the time. 
G-bones and I went over to the Home Depot the other day (Does anybody else LOVE the HD as much as me?) and bought ourselves a new LG washer/dryer set in wild cherry!

please ignore the price on that blue one. Do you know thats how much it would cost to have a baby (with insurance) at the corvallis hospital? Just a little fun fact for ya.

Im. So. Excited. 
And to start celebrating im going to save up my laundry--which should be easy since i've already got loads saved up already :)


Jordan Page said...

YAY congrats! It feels so good to get new appliances. Did you name yours? Because yes, I named my new fridge.

The Robinson's said...

YAY!!! Nothing like having spankin new and awesome washer and dryer! I'll be sure to bring over our laundry ;) Haha