I just wanna blog, yo.

To say that i am busy is a total understatement. Of course, if you looked at the state of my house it would all make sense. Who's idea was is anyway to work full time and take 23 credits? Some idiot thats for sure. At current i'm a week late on starting my AIDS report thats due Tuesday, and right now im writing this instead of doing my macro econ homework. L.A.M.E. I have so many things to share too. Not anything really exciting but I mean, stuff none-the-less. Like how our summer is going to consist of us hanging out in bed all day just to stay in front of our new A/C window unit. Getting it resulted in a 30 mile drive to the nearest walmart--at midnight--and then staying up until 2 am trying to install it. Maybe you've never noticed but Geoff is kind of a sweaty, sweaty man. Speaking of late night purchases--maybe one day I will tell you about the time I ordered this--this being two night ago. Lets just say our jowls are gonna be super fine in 8 weeks time. Geoff and I had a fun 4th of July hanging out on the Columbia kayaking and lighting off illegal fireworks. In Oregon you arent allowed to light off fireworks that shoot off in the air--something about it being forrest fire season--whatever. Anyway, were still alive, a lotta sweaty from the humidity, but still kickin' regardless.

Our nephew Levi celebrated his third birthday on the 30th.
He got two presents--my stellar dump truck cake and in 6 months time a new little brother or sister. 


sarjobran said...

I demand before and after pictures of your future slender neckline.

MichelleY said...

can you send that down with geoff when he comes in a few weeks????

mike said...

KT, keep up the good fight. Summer school is killer but you only have a couple of weeks left. How's work? Are you still liking it or has it become more of a job? How did you get Geoff in the boat on the 4th? Love your cakes!! We'll miss you in August but I think we'll be up north before too long. Love and miss you guys, Jones.

Jessica said...

Yeah...you let me know how that neckline thing works out. Does it also do abs??