Over and out.

Im out.
I dont plan on resurfacing until September.
August is boring anyway.
If you must know what im doing until then (ahem...jones).
I spend my time baking dirt in my oven--no joke--and putting it in jars. (Dear crop soils class, I hate you.)
And studying macro econ graphs I dont understand. (Dear Instructor Yan, send help.)

Catch you on the flipside.

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mike said...

Dear Frazzled, how can you go wrong passing a class by playing in the dirt? Every little boys dream. For your other Yannie class, all you need to know is macro is the opposite of micro, right? Hang in there, only 5 more weeks. Missed seeing you when I picked up the Train but we'll be doing a WINCO trip pretty soon. I'll be all over those barrells like white on rice! Jones out.