over the hump.

G: 3 spring games down, 2 to go.
K: yep.
G: That means that this time in 2013 i'll still have 8 months to go! (said in much despair....you mean the last 6 months of constant rain has got you down, G??!)
K: it will fly by.
G: we're over the hump.

so here we are folks, 3 years down.

and in other news I just realized that i've eaten strawberries everyday for the past two months. When the egyptians used to prepare for embalming they would consume honey and only honey for months. The more you really ponder that--its totally disgusting. Strawberry embalming??---ew.


mike garner said...

OK, so what kind of effects are those strawberries having on you?? Too much of anything isn't good. I remember G telling me how much he loved the rain, surely due to the lack of it here in sunny AZ. 5 1/2 weeks before the big summer O.S. event. Miss you guys...love from Jones.

MichelleY said...

i thought hump day was wednesday? congrats on making it three years big G and little K!